Our Specialties

CNC Machining

Here at Butler and Brown Manufacturing we do precision CNC machining. Our specialty lies in complicated parts ranging from a wide variety of materials.  Whether your design is simple or complex we provide unrivaled quality work for jobs ranging from small batches to high volume orders.


Prototype Production

Butler and Brown Manufacturing works closely with clients to create precise prototypes according to your specifications. With our Computer Assisted Drawing programs we can draw up your ideas, print out drawings and also produce CAD files for machining. We provide quick turnarounds as well as small quantity or short production runs to meet your manufacturing needs and deadlines.


Elevator Repairs

Our elevator repair services include retrofitting, restoration and upgrades of all elevator parts. We do complete repairs on Rotary Selectors, re-grooving and re-sleeving of Sheaves and re-boring and repairs of Elevator Brakes.  We also manufacture specialty parts for elevators that are no longer available from the original manufacturers.


Why Choose Us


Our manufacturing capabilities range is extensive:

:- Elevator Parts

:- CNC Milling Parts

:- Custom Motorcycle Parts

:- Custom Car Parts


Butler and Brown Manufacturing is focused on producing high quality parts earning us a reputation for excellence.  Whether you need large-scale productions or one of a kind custom piece we will exceed your expectations!


In addition to manufacturing parts from aluminum, plastics and steel, we have a vast experience working with hard to machine materials such as Inconel, Titanium, Nitric 50 & 60, Stainless Steel and Invar.